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Osteopathy Toronto


What is Osteopathy?

A Doctor of Osteopathy recognizes the importance of having all parts of the body balanced and functioning efficiently together, in an integrated manner, to provide less wear & tear and provides more energy for living.

Dr. A.T. Still in the United States commenced Osteopathy in the late 1800’s. It is a holistic, hands-on, non-invasive drug free way of detecting and manually treating damaged parts of the body such as joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves, and restoring them to proper function.

Our Osteopaths in our Toronto Osteopath clinic concentrate not only on the problem area, but also look at other causes of dysfunction - poor posture, stress or physical injury and use manual techniques to balance all the body systems. When part of the body is injured, other parts compensate for this, often causing pain, stiffness and other problems.

What do Osteopaths Treat?

The Osteopaths at our Toroto clinic treat a wide variety of conditions and injuries sustained playing sports, at home, and in the workplace including back and neck pain, headaches, sciatica, repetitive strain injury, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and shin splints. Our Toronto Osteopaths also treat people that are suffering from arthritis, asthma, digestive problems, whiplash and postural problems, including pregnant women.

What Does an Osteopathic Treatment Involve?

At the initial visit to our Toronto Osteopathic clinic, a medical history is taken, a lifestyle questionnaire filled out and a biomechanical analysis is done. Our Toronto Osteopath assesses areas of weakness, tenderness and restriction. An individualized treatment program to promote self-healing is discussed with the patient. The Osteopath uses a gentle hands-on technique, which may include soft tissue stretching, deep pressure, Active Release Therapy (ART), manipulation, and mobilization of joints, with education on self-care. Osteopathic treatment at our toronto clinic relieves the pain caused by joint and muscle stiffness by increasing the mobility and blood flow of the joints.

Does my Extended Health Insurance pay for Osteopathy?

Many insurance plans pay for Osteopathy and a doctor’s referral is not required.

Most conditions need 4-6 sessions, although some cases may need more. The goal of Osteopathy is to promote the natural healing ability of the body. In the days following the treatment, the body will continue to self heal and re-balance causing decrease in pain, with increased energy levels and an improved sleeping pattern. For further information on our Toronto Osteopath clinic please contact us at 416 767 8717
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