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Bloor West Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine brings over 45 years of physiotherapy experience to Toronto, and has provided over 2.5 million physiotherapy treatments to benefit every patient !

Our physiotherapy clinic in Bloor West, Toronto is the most established and longest serving independent Physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic in Bloor West Village and the city of Toronto! Our Toronto Physiotherapists are proud of our lasting legacy of providing the highest possible standard of care. This is achieved by providing up to date Physiotherapy and Manual Therapy techniques coupled with research based state-of-art therapeutic modalities, all provided by an experienced team of fully qualified and advanced trained Orthopaedic Physiotherapists. Our Toronto Physiotherapists each specialize in a different area of Physiotherapy bringing a unique and specialised set of skills to treat your injury.  Whether you have sustained an injury or surgery to an upper extremity such as the shoulder, a lower extremity such your knee (ACL surgery), back or neck pain, we have the expert Physiotherapists in Toronto specializing in that area of the body. View our team of Toronto Physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy Bloor West - Our Treatment Philosophy

Our guiding treatment philosophy is evidence based and centred on a multidisciplinary approach. With advanced training in Orthopaedics and a deep understanding in body mechanics, our Toronto Physiotherapists will expertly diagnose your injury or illness and create an integrated treatment plan to reduce your pain and restore your level of functioning. Often, this integrated treatment approach will combine a variety of specialists in areas of Massage Therapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Custom Orthopeadic bracing and Custom Foot Orthotics. Our Toronto physiotherapists may also prescribe support stockings to help increase blood flow to the injured site and help reduce the risk of blood clots. Our goal is return you to the highest possible level of functioning. We want you to fully participate in the activities you most enjoy doing. Not being able to partake in an active and healthy lifestyle can be stressful for many patients and whether it be the competitive athlete, the weekend golfer, or the avid gardener, our goal is to  fully restore your level of activity and functioning.

Why choose a Toronto Physiotherapist

Evelyn Brett PT., owner and director of Bloor West Physiotherapy maintains that, "As professional Physiotherapists who serve the public, we have a moral obligation and duty, to prevent that which we treat". In addition to expertly diagnosing and treating your injury or post surgical recovery, our Physiotherapists will educate each patient on the cause of the injury, as well as practical and usable strategies to prevent a recurrence of the injury.

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Remember, a doctors referral is not necessary to make an appointment to see one of our Physiotherapists or other health care providers. However, we do treat many patients who have first seen their doctor, or have been referred by their surgeon before and after surgery. Contact us today, it is an honour to serve you. 
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