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Custom Orthotics - "Feet Shouldn't Hurt"

To put it simply, your feet should not hurt ! If they do, something is wrong and action should be taken immediately to correct it before the problem deteriorates. The Bloor West Foot Clinic in Toronto has been providing a comprehensive, high quality, foot and ankle care program to residents of Toronto and Bloor West for over 45 years ! Our Orthotics Clinic in Toronto provides timely personal care for your ankle and/or foot, allowing a safe and confident return to your activity, pain free. Our team of highly qualified and fully registered Chiropodists in Toronto work in collaboration with our team of Physiotherapists to expertly diagnose, treat, and correct your foot ailments.

Each patient at our Toronto Foot Clinic will undergo a full Biomechanical Gait Analysis to determine exactly where the dysfunction is originating from, and why. Corrective measures will then be prescribed which may include, exercises to correct muscle imbalance, physiotherapy education and prevention strategies to correct poor posture or gait imbalance, a prescription for custom orthotics.

Custom Orthotics at our Toronto Orthotics Clinic

Bloor West Physiotherapy Foot Clinic chiropodists and physiotherapists prescribe and construct custom made foot orthotics. Foot orthotics are specially designed devices which are worn within the patients shoes to minimize and control abnormal foot functioning This is achieved by controlling any abnormal movement accross the joints of the foot. Once this has been achieved, there is often a significant improvement in symptoms. Your orthotics are custom made specifically for your feet and adapted to suit you individual needs. A pair of properly fitting orthotics can only be prescribed following a comprehensive assessment by one our highly trained chiropodists.

At our Toronto Foot Clinic, all foot orthotics that are dispensed from our clinic are custom made specifically for each foot, it is important to not confuse this with over the counter foot/arch supports. Such arch supports may help a few patients find temporary comfort but they are substandard and frequently fail because they do not correct the underlying problem of controlling improper foot movement, and alignment. Remember, one size does NOT fit all. Properly fitted custom orthotics are made from plaster impressions of each foot. Standing or walking on a digital platform which produces colourful screen images may provide useful information on pressure areas on the soles of the foot, however it DOES NOT capture a true three dimensional image impression of the foot. Orthotics produced from these procedures, as well as from foam impressions do not produce true custom orthotics. It is important that our patients be well informed and educated about substandard methods of producing orthotics.

How Do Orthotics Work ?

Custom Orthotics act to control the position and motion of your foot ensuring proper alignment and functionality of the moving joints. They act to realign the structures of the foot into their correct anatomical position. This can prevent the onset of pain and disability as well the development of continued deformity. If the orthotics are not worn, abnormal alignment and poor function will immediately reoccur. It is analogous to sunscreen - it must be worn to be effective.

Custom made orthotics at our Toronto Foot Clinic are prescribed to treat a wide variety of symptoms including:
  • Flat feet and high arched feet
  • Ankle instability
  • Chronic/frequent ankle sprain
  • Leg pain/fatigue
  • Foot pain/fatigue
  • Gait abnormalities such as excessive pointing inwards or outwards of feet while walking
  • Chronic pain in the heel, ankle, knee or lower back
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Diabetes and Arthritis
  • Shin splints
  • Bunions

Orthotics And The Athlete

Athletes who participate in typically high impact 'running sports' such as track and field, long distance running, tennis, volleyball, and basketball, all exert considerable ground impact and increased levels of force to their feet. Custom sports orthotics are constructed from materials with increased resiliency which act to dissipate some of this force. An athlete exerts high amounts of stress to the joints, bones and muscles of the foot and ankle; these parts are not designed to absorb these abnormal forces so injury and pain can occur. In addition to keeping the foot and ankle in proper alignment, custom sports orthotics are designed and fitted to protect stressed areas, redistribute abnormal forces across the entire foot, and thus reduce overall impact and stress on the foot. This will increase efficiency allowing a better performance, and reduce fatigue, enabling longer participation. By correcting your foots abnormalities, stabilizing the foot and ankle, and redirecting the forces which act against the foot, you can avoid injury and greatly reduce or eliminate pain.

Call us today, and remember; feet shouldn't hurt !
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